Twenty Poems by Rudyard Kipling



I know I’ve been quite absent recently but what with a student schedule and a levels being the literal definition of hell; I haven’t been reading much. But here I am, talking about how I’ve read some books.

So I read my first book of poems recently; a new experience for the Jess.


And I really enjoyed it funnily enough. I can’t say I’m a huge poetry reader; it goes a little over my head to be honest. Maybe I’m not cultured enough.

But Mr Kipling really got me.

If, as always is a favorite of mine from the golden IGCSE days but it was lovely reading a little more of his work.

Also this book was 1 pound in the charity shop and was begging to be bought.


I really do love old books.

My favorite poems from here were The Secret of the Machines, If (of course), The Holy War, The Glory of the Garden (nothing says British like that!)

Poems which really stood out to me were The Children, The Beginnings and For All We Have And Are… do go and give them a read.

Thanking you, Mr Kipling, not only for the Jungle Book, but also this little gem of poetry which may have sparked the interest of probably the least poetic 18 year old, ever.