Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton


This isn’t so much as a book; more of a taster guide to people. 

Humans of New York isn’t the usual type of book I would buy. It’s clunky, heavy and doesn’t really fit well with my bookcase.

I started following Brandon Stanton’s page of Instagram through a friend; and was completely taken aback but the raw honest of his words.  You are able to hear the voices of the people he has captured through his camera lens. And it’s beautiful.

There is light and darkness, good and bad, funny and serious a cocktail of emotions and tales which are so inexplicably human.

There were moments my jaw dropped and others where I smiled affectionately at the memory of a complete stranger.

Brandon Stanton is able to speak volumes on his ability to listen to humans, with hardly saying a word; all through his photography and a simple conversation on the streets of New York.

I love this idea! I have always wanted to try something like this but frankly don’t have the guts.

I felt so incredibly human whilst reading about humans and I feel thats the aim of this collection.