A Broken World: Memories of the Great War by Hope Wolf edited by Sebastian Faulks


Finally, back to some normality.

This book has done some traveling over its time in my possession; Norway and back, and it took me the entire two weeks to get through it and then some.

As this is not a novel, it is an easy read to pick up and put back down again between the odd mundane task, picking up from another entry, possibly reading and entry a day.

I confess, this was the first historical read I’ve ever invested in (blasphemy, I know), and apparently its a historic read because it said so on the back; so that’s that.

The reason why it took it took so long was due to its content, the War was bleak wasn’t it?

Grim stuff.

I never took history at school and my knowledge of the First World War stretches as far as Downton Abbey (blasphemy) at the best of times; I decided I needed some education on the matter.

And it was shocking. It was shocking, and dreadful and painful and full of despair and love and hope and fear and the brutality of humanity. We can become the most beautiful creatures when we’re on the brink of death, destruction and any other dreary word that beings with ‘D’.


I had to keep putting it down to just take a breather.

As a first historical account of the Great War; I have been enlightened.

I’m overwhelmed with the sense that I shouldn’t forget.