So… It’s been a while (Oopsies…)

Its been a while. I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been feeling guilty for ages. Update on the whole A Level situation; A grades do not achieve themselves. It’s got to the point I start quoting chemical formulas and equilibrium equations whilst eating my dinner. Good news is that it hasn’t been for nothing! Predicted A’s! You’ll find me dancing in the corner where the food is.

BUT. I do love blogging and I’ve been procrastinating recently about study so I thought I might as well do it properly and blog about it. I have been reading non stop also! As you can see. These are the books I’ve read but just not blabbered about. I’ve probably missed out a few but hey ho.


A lot of Harry Potter went on… J.K is forever a Queen.


Finished His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. Now I’ve got to dedicate this to my lovely Uncle who handed me a beat up copy of Northern Lights when I was about 9. Almost 10 years later I finish the series. Subtle Knife was AMAZEBALLS. Amber Spyglass a bit blah.

Elizabeth Is Missing, I thought was really sweet. The use of perspective in this novel was very clever and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Stephen King’s Revival was actually very very good, slow starting but very much worth the wait because wow. Jessica’s Ghost I bought and enjoyed purely for the title. It was mandatory. But it was a really sweet Tweeny story. Tad on the morbid side like The Last Leaves Falling which I shamelessly sobbed over in my blanket fort. Tiger Lily… Hmmm. I honestly bought and read the book for a flowery, airy fairy romance. But DAMN.WAS I WRONG. I really rated this for Girl Power. I loved it. Just read it. Completing my Dan Brown collection was satisfying with Deception Point which I was engrossed in. Thrillers are rarely my thing and most of the time I get a bit bored them because I figure out whodunit before the protagonist does. But Dan Brown always keeps me reading because WHO KNOWS WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN. However finding out that he’s got a new book coming out in a few days Origin made me sigh heavily because now I’ve got to buy books when I’m on a book ban at the moment. On the other hand, I read the much reviewed and raved about The Girl On The Train. It was alright. The entire book kinda gave me anxiety because train delays. God. Should’ve been called the Southeastern Experience. The story was alright, but a tad overrated.

The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins took me weeks to read. It was very good and the scientist in me was boggling and lost in the theory. I loved it and was immersed in it. but it’s heavy reading. Tales of Adventure and Medical Life by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was probably one of my favourite books I’ve read recently. I laughed, teared up a bit, was lost in it. Love good doctoring.

My Classics Catch Up has been going well. Can we please appreciate Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire? I mean dear Baby Jesus is that even legal?


I adored to my core The Colour Purple and searching frantically for the film in charity shops! God damn empowering that! Maya Angelou… well. We’re studying a passage from Mom & Me & Mom in A Level English so I thought it would be nice to read a little more about her. This woman was amazing and I want everything she has ever written.

I read the Great Gatsby! Yay! It was quite a lovely moment actually. I remember trying to read it a few years back and just couldn’t understand what was going on! Now I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Growth that! Beautifully written and now I want to see the film. On The Road I thought was beautifully written, real talent. But I hated the characters. I couldn’t stand the pretentious “Oh yeah I drink and smoke and have sex a lot and I’m deep and all because I’m hitchhiking and yeah America”. I really am sorry but ugh. Gulliver’s Travels was okay… dragged a little. Anthony and Cleopatra I kinda got but fell asleep about three times on the sofa whilst in the middle of reading it…Take from that what you will.

I educated myself a bit on Gandhi. Closely followed my I Am Malala by complete fluke. MALALA GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING. Your story honestly opened my eyes. An inspiration. If you’re going to read anything this year, read that.

I recently read The Penguin Lessons by tom Mitchell. I don’t think I can express my love for this little book. Spoiler alert it involves a penguin. If you’re not sold at that you need to sort your priorities out because PENGUINS ARE CUTE.

2016 admittedly was quite shite. I mean what was that? Bowie, Prince, Rickman AND Carrie Fisher? PRINCESS FRICKEN LEIA? I think the most 2016-ish thing to happen was George Michael going ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I guess you could say it was his Last Christmas…

I’m sorry.

Not to mention Brexit (yay) Trump (I MEAN… THERE ARE NO WORDS) As well as many other quite shitty thing to happen.

2017…please be good to me. Cherry on top.

It is my New Year’s Resolution to keep up the blog, its very very therapeutic. I’LL DO IT. I really will… honest.