BOOK HAUL… uh-oh…


As I hang my head in shame as the very few digits in my bank account waggle their finger at me in disdain.

I buckled; I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be saving for my Norway trip and I had to go into town to get dad some weird lip suncream stuff and Boots is RIGHT NEXT TO WATERSTONES.

I wasn’t going to buy anything, I really wasn’t. But I’ve been feeling kind of down and have been told recently I read really childish books.

So to throw in their face WAR AND PEACE. 


Dear Lord and Baby Jesus what have a signed myself up to?

I’m a little scared.

But I’m of course looking forward to getting immersed into these books once I get the chance.

Burger’s Daughter looks good as well!

Also Little Penguin Classics are lethal in a book shop because they are so cheap and so small and cute and then I’ve picked up four and oops.

How have your recent book hauls treated you?


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