We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach


I can’t say I fell in love with this book as soon as I opened the front page, or as soon as I read the back of it. In fact, I did quite a shallow thing and purely bought it on the basis that the cover was pretty and I had seen other people reading it. Maybe that was what made me read it, because even those who had read it had not rated it extremely well; and for me, whenever I see a book that has been given bad reviews, I see it as a challenge for the book to impress me. Tell me something different.
However this wasn’t exactly the case. Unfortunately. The story line and plot is all a bit jumbled and not organised (I think), in the best way it could’ve been. The choice of language at times was questionable.
The idea of making the reader really question the world, what really matters and what’s really important is brought across in a superb manner. It did bring a tear to my eye. And it did make me have to flick back through the pages to just make sure that actually happened. It made me giggle.
It’s an okay book. Not the best I’ve read, not the worst.
However I always do congratulate a writer bringing a tear to my eye so bravo Mr Tommy Wallach! And I must also say, the idea in itself for a young adult book about living life and realising what is important makes us look at ourselves and what we would feel and do and who we would spend our time when everything came to an end.
It reminds us how to live.


But hey! If you’re anything like me; go ahead and read it, challenge my review by all means.

Happy reading!


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