DO NO HARM: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh


I know, I know; this book is a bit out there when it comes to adventurous readers and a teen attached to YA. But, this book has changed me.
Honestly, though.
I feel that Henry Marsh has grasped the ability of writing an educational read and has left the boring monotone scientific books tend to adopt on the shelf. Not to mention he has been able to induce a sense of humanity and morality into his stories that we rarely expect to find in the guy cutting our heads open. No, there is a notion of compassion in his words.
His style is somehow relatable which may sound a little odd considering that he’s a brain surgeon (We’re not just talking any brain surgeon either, we’re talking THE brain surgeon, like this guy is legendary) and I am merely an 18 year old student! But yes, this book has made an impact on my life. It has made me more confident and even more willing and a little impatient to get started in the next chapter of my life which involves roaming corridors much alike to what Mr Marsh did in his career.
This book made me laugh out loud on the train, snorting into my pages as the commuter sitting opposite raised a curious eyebrow. I gasped out loud in horror and shock as a turned the page on the bus. This book reduced me to tears flowing continuously down my cheeks on the tube; so yes, in case you were wondering I AM THAT GIRL WHO CRIES INTO BOOKS ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT.
His accounts on his time spent as a surgeon have opened my eyes and without giving anything away and a risk of spoilers, to those wanting to read it my favorite chapters are “Gliblastoma” and “Medulloblastoma”.

And a note of my favourite quote “[on a brain surgeon’s life] You must learn to be objective about what you see, a yet not lose your humanity in the process.”

To all those interested in medical texts, careers in medicine, or even just for an interesting read; this is your ticket.
I thank you Mr Marsh. You ignite the flame of my dream when it fades with your memoir.


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